Deep-tissue massage

Do you feel that your body is very tense and that your muscles are contracted? Are you experiencing chronic pain in any area? Did you suffer any physical injuries recently? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then Deep-tissue massage is the treatment that you’ve been looking for. This treatment focuses on the deep layers of muscles and their surrounding tissues. The main goal is to break the scar tissue that forms following some injury, or with years and to break down muscle adhesions (commonly known as the “knots”), as well as reduce pain and tension in both muscles and tissues. It can also help to speed up the recovery process by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation.
While Swedish massage is focused on relaxation, Deep-tissue massage is used to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness and the overall condition of your muscles. Strokes that are used in this treatment are similar to those used in Swedish massage, only that the movement is slower, and the pressure is deeper and more intense, concentrated on the areas of tension and pain. Aside from the physical benefits, Deep-tissue massage also has an impact on your mental health, as this practice is well-known as a great stress reliever. It can completely remove physical symptoms of stress such as tight muscles, tense shoulders, and stiff neck. Also, this treatment is very effective in reducing heart rate and high blood pressure.
This therapeutic massage also gives the therapist complete freedom in choosing the best massage techniques, holding on to trigger points, and using certain tools such as IASTM-Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation.

Duration: 30 minutes / 45 minutes60 minutes/ 90 minutes/ 120 minutes

Focus area: The whole body, with a special focus on the main areas of pain and discomfort.

Recommended combination: Deep-tissue massage + Zero body, Deep-tissue massage + Asian massage

*Note: Every treatment begins with a short conversation with our therapist about your current health conditions. By doing so, we can create an individualized treatment plan for your total recovery.

The benefits

Reduces pain
Stress relief
Regulates blood pressure
Reduces arthritis symptoms
Helps with tennis elbow
Improves posture
Breaks up scar tissue
Reduces muscle tension
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Zero Body
dry floating

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