Zero body

Zerobody is a scientific and innovative wellness solution, which revolutionizes the world of floating. The bed is designed for gravity-free flotation on four hundred liters of warm water, providing a completely dry experience, with no need to get in direct contact with water. With the Zerobody you will get all benefits that come with traditional floating, which is well known as the method that quickly regenerates both body and mind. A dry floatation session relaxes the central nervous system and isolates it from external stimuli. That way your mind can work to its full potential while your body relaxes, recovers, and experiences something unique. Zerobody provides several health benefits which you can experience from just ten minutes on the bed. The benefits range from stress relief to chronic pain relief, a cognitive enhancement to athletic recovery. Each Zerobody session can be customized according to your preferences and needs. During the treatment you can choose the way you would like to enjoy your session, as Zerobody offers various features that can complement your experience:


There are 5 audio guides you can choose from during the session to train your awareness.

Breathing exercise 

There are 5 audio guides available to help you learn breathing techniques during the session.


There are 5 different tracks that can follow your session with the sound of nature.

Colored lights

During the treatment, you can choose from several assorted colors to stimulate a calm,
relaxing atmosphere.

*Note: Every treatment begins with a short conversation with our therapist about your current health conditions. By doing so, we can create an individualized treatment plan for your total recovery.

Who is it for?

Zerobody is a perfect treatment if you are:

-Fitness enthusiast 
-Professional athlete
-Hard-working individual
-Traveling and having a problem with jetlag
-Feeling tense
-Dealing with stress and anxiety
-Having a chronic pain 
-Having problems with concertation and focus

The main benefits:

-Improves concentration and focus
-Provides deep relaxation
-Enhances athletic performance
-Helps with jetlag and insomnia
-Treatment of muscle pain
-Reduces stress and anxiety
-Deep psycho-physical recovery
-Perfect as a preparation for further massage procedures

Zerobody + Total Recovery Massage Treatments

It has been proven many times by now that in the wellness niche the combination of modern technology and ancient human skills is always giving the best results. That is why we wanted to upgrade your Zerobody experience by adding our massage procedures to your session. Here in Total Recovery, you can choose between our various massage treatments to be practiced on the Zerobody bed. That way, you can enjoy the skilled hands of our therapist, while simultaneously experiencing the benefits of dry floatation. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Do not just take us for our word- come and experience it yourself and book your treatment here.

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Head & Shoulder massage

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