Couple massage

The ability to share special moments with our loved ones, to be aware of them, and to make them into wonderful memories that will last a lifetime is what makes human beings unique on this planet. Having that in mind, we wanted to provide you with that kind of experience here in Total Recovery and one of the best ways to do it is the Couples massage. The Couples massage is a very popular wellness experience, that will recover your energy, reduce any kinds of physical discomfort, and relieve you from stress and anxiety. This type of massage is usually referred to as “romantic massage” and it’s associated with romantic partners. But the truth is that your other half in the Couples massage can be any dear person of yours, such as friends and family. You can choose from the variety of treatments that we have here in our salon and combine them with our floating bed, also known as ZeroBody. Nowadays everyone has heard of floating therapy and many benefits that come with it. But what about floating without getting wet? Exactly that is the main goal of ZeroBody – the dry floating with zero-gravity floatation experience. The ZeroBody bed is filled with 400 liters of warm water, setting your body temperature at ideal 36 degrees. The dry floating experience can ease the muscle and joint pain relief, improve your blood circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, improve the quality of your sleep, and help you to improve your mental function, focus and concertation. The Couples massage takes place simultaneously on a massage table and floating bed. The positions are changing after an hour. That way, both you and your massage partner get two hours of effective and comprehensive treatment.

Duration: 120 minutes

Focus area: The whole body

Recommended: All types of treatments can be combined by choice
*Note: Every treatment begins with a short conversation with our therapist about your current health conditions. By doing so, we can create an individualized treatment plan for your total recovery.

The benefits

Removal of pain and tension
Stress relief
Improves circulation
Improves focus and concentration
Mental boost
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Zero Body
dry floating

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