Asian massage

So much can be said about the East and Eastern medicine. But when it comes to massages and massage treatments one thing is for sure- they have been part of the eastern culture and tradition for a very long time. Through the hundreds of years of practicing and exploring the art of massage in Asia, many styles and techniques have been born.
Today, we have a bunch of methods and ancient techniques coming from the East, that modern therapists are combing into the specific style known as Asian massage, Eastern or Oriental massage. The movements in this type of massage originate from Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cultures. Our skilled therapists have taken the best and most effective techniques from these styles and created the Total Recovery Asian massage. Although all massage styles are designed to relieve muscle tension, stress, and anxiety, as well as to promote healing, Asian massage focuses on human energy and holistic approaches to health, intending to heal and rejuvenate the whole body. That’s why in the Asian culture a massage occupies a very important place in people’s lives, as a healthy habit, and energy restorer, the prevention of various conditions, and a tool for correcting certain physical problems. Every type of Asian massage revolves around balancing energy meridians and focusing on specific points in the body to discover the underlying cause of an issue. Once the source of the discomfort has been identified, the therapist applies pressure through certain movements to reduce the pain and promote relaxation. Here in Total Recovery, our therapists are practicing Asian massage without the use of any oils. So, it is a dry massage that is performed using a special, soft towel. The treatment has an exceptional therapeutic effect and is highly recommended for treating painful conditions.

Duration: 30 minutes / 45 minutes/ 60 minutes/ 90 minutes

Focus area: The whole body, with the focus on the back

*Note: Every treatment begins with a short conversation with our therapist about your current health conditions. By doing so, we can create an individualized treatment plan for your total recovery.

The benefits

Restores the energy of the whole body
Removal of pain and tension
Stress relief
Improves circulation
Improves sleep
Improves nerves conduction
Energy balance
Deep relaxation
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Zero Body
dry floating

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Aromatherapy massage

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